Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some additional info about ordering and installing FliePaper, as well as details on FliePaper itself.

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About Ordering and Installing

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  • + How do I calculate how much I need?

    • You’ll need to measure down to the quarter inch, and we’ll calculate how much FliePaper you’ll need. Exclude any baseboards and molding. The best way to help is to submit photos of your room so we can see where the doors and windows land.

  • + Is there an order minimum?

    • Our order minimum is 35 square feet. This is a typical 52’’ by 8’ panel.

  • + How long does it take to order and ship?

    • The overall time depends on the consultation and design phase, but once you place your order, our typical lead time is about 2-3 weeks to produce it, plus shipping time. Due to circumstances beyond our control, it may take longer, but we’ll communicate any delays.

  • + Can I return any unused FliePaper?

    • Because each wallcovering is customized, any unused wallcoverings can’t be returned.

  • + Should I have the installation done by professionals or can I do it myself?

    • We highly recommend professional installation. Your installer will know how to cut, paste, and position the wallcovering so it looks its best.

  • + How should I prep the walls?

    • We recommend preparing walls before installation.

      Fill in any gaps, cracks, etc. and smooth any bumps, otherwise they’ll show beneath your wallcoverings. Some wall textures, like orange peel, will work with FliePaper. Highly textured walls, like stucco, won’t work well.

      We recommend using Zinsser Shieldz Universal Wallcovering Primer to prime the walls.

  • + How long does it take to prepare a room?

    • The time it takes will vary depending on the size of the room and state of the walls. We recommend priming, smoothing, and flattening your walls, filling in any gaps. You can also use liner paper.

      Your wallcovering installer can give you advice for your specific situation.

  • + Can you accommodate commercial projects?

    • Absolutely! Because each order is printed on demand, we can print as much as needed for large projects. Of course, lead times will vary depending on project size!

  • + Can I get a wallcovering sample?

    • With FliePaper, scale and color are the most important factors. Submitting photos of the spaces you’re decorating allows us to provide high-quality digital mockups so you can see exactly how your FliePaper will look.

      Still need to see a sample in person? Visit one of our showrooms!

  • + Where can I see FliePaper in person?

    • Visit our partner showrooms! They’ll have samples and displays.

      You can also follow us on Instagram (@fliepaper) to see more installations, and follow the hashtag #ispyflie.

  • + Can I send in a photo to make into a wallcovering?

    • To ensure the highest quality of photo based on dots per inch (DPI), we only work with our own photos.

      However, if you’ve got an idea for a FliePaper, make a suggestion! This is how our best-selling Peony wallcovering came about.

      Want to commission your own bespoke FliePaper? Work with us to design exactly what you want, whether that’s photographing new objects or customizing existing motifs.

About FliePaper Wallcoverings

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  • + What’s the difference between wallpaper and wallcovering?

    • FliePaper is thicker and sturdier than regular wallpaper. It’s not a generic paper that you can pick up from your local home improvement store – it’s much more than that! FliePaper straddles the line between wallcovering and art installation.

      Basically, this ain’t your grandma’s wallpaper (Unless of course, your grandma is a FliePaper customer!).

  • + Why does FliePaper cost more than some other papers?

    • The cost can be higher than other wallcoverings because FliePaper is made of high-quality materials. We also customize color and scale to fit each space.

  • + Are FliePaper wallcoverings low VOC?

    • Yes! FliePaper wallcoverings contain low numbers of VOC (volatile organic compounds), meaning they emit fewer harmful fumes, making them better for the environment.

  • + Does FliePaper come trimmed or untrimmed?

    • Your FliePaper comes untrimmed, though it can come trimmed for an additional cost. We recommend that your installer does the trimming according to their own process.

  • + Does FliePaper come prepasted or unpasted?

    • FliePaper wallcoverings come unpasted, which allows your installer to reposition the paper to perfection.

  • + Is overlap included in the width?

    • Yes! Most of our repeating wallpapers are designed with 52” width and 92” height. This includes a 1” overlap. This also can vary if you customize your wallcovering.

  • + What’s the pattern repeat of FliePaper wallcoverings?

    • The pattern repeat depends on several factors. The scale of the print affects the repeat, as does the substrate. Usually it’s between 48- 58’’.

      Since our wallcoverings are customized to each client, the repeats are based on the client’s needs, and we can change the repeats as necessary.

  • + How can I customize color and scale?

    • Color and scale are at the heart of every FliePaper order – it’s built into the process! Processing your order includes a consultation with our team to choose the perfect color and ideal scale.

      If you need your FliePaper to match something else, we can do a color match and can work with Pantone colors, paint chips, or fabric swatches.

  • + Will the colors match if my order comes in multiple rolls?

    • Yes! Each order is processed and printed on-demand, ensuring continuity of color.

  • + What kinds of walls can’t be covered?

    • FliePaper shouldn’t be used on walls that are highly textured, porous, or exposed to humidity, like stucco or exterior walls.

      Let us know if your FliePaper will be used in wet areas like kitchens or bathrooms, and we’ll print it on mylar or vinyl to keep it non-porous.

      When in doubt, consult with your professional installer!

  • + Can FliePaper get wet?

    • The matte vinyl can get wet, which is why we recommend it for damp areas like kitchens and baths. However, we don’t recommend spraying it with water directly.

      Water won’t damage the inks, but your FliePaper should be patted dry, not rubbed. Don’t do anything that will weaken the adhesive!