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FliePaper is a striking, kinetic line of luxe wallcoverings celebrating intricate texture, enchanting nature, and stunning photography on a grand scale.

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Explore our dynamic, dramatic FliePaper collections of wallcoverings to turn any space into a true work of art.


Explore our best-selling wallcoverings, from gorgeous organics to striking human-built textures, in the Main collection.

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Pairing natural textures with bold proportions creates the SuperFlie collection of eye-catching, two-color wallcoverings.

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Merging some of our most popular, adventurous designs with crisp metallics leads to unexpected delight in the Metallic collection.

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Enjoy the beauty of a no-maintenance vertical garden with the enchanting nature and refreshing light of the Hedge collection.

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Palm Springs

Combining two-toned breeze block shapes and natural stones gives us the sophisticated Palm Springs collection.

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Zero in on the breathtaking, dramatic textures of organic forms in our Bigs collection.

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Invite the imagination and artistry of FliePaper into your world. Work with our team or one of our showrooms to customize any design in color and scale to make a unique addition to any space, whether it’s a living room, conference room, or hotel room. Come Flie with us.

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How to Flie

Because FliePaper is customized, you’ll get a free personalized consultation. We’ll ensure the color, pattern, repeat, and scale are fit to your exact space, with little waste.

Interested in fully custom-made FliePaper?

Commission us to create unique designs all your own, for residential spaces all the way up to extensive commercial projects.

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Meet Don Flood

Celebrity and beauty photographer Don Flood brings his unique perspective to life with FliePaper.

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